Happy Holidays from the Vanaver Caravan!

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As 2017 comes to an end, we, at The Vanaver Caravan, look towards the future with an intention to break down barriers between people which should never have existed in the first place. 

We will do this the same way we have for the past 45 years: By celebrating, through dance and music, the humanity in everyone.

We invite you to celebrate with us this Holiday Season! Help us to bring the joy of celebration to a world that needs it today.  

In other news... 

SpringDance 2018 classes begin on January 8th. If you haven't registered, there are still spots available.

Back to India We Go!


Shakti Caravan, our partnership umbrella in India, is gearing up for another winter season of teaching, exchanging dances, and sharing our mission of peace and activism across the globe! Livia and Bill will be teaching at the Akiyam School in Auroville. 

Wherever you are, Whatever you celebrate, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!