What People Are Saying About Our School Programs

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I honestly have learned more about the world in your dance class than in Global Studies this year.
— High School Junior, Arlington High School
My brother is in kindergarten. When I told him about you, he was excited to be in 2nd grade! I hope he’ll have just as much fun as I did with you and dancing.
— 3rd Grader, Vassar Road School


The Vanaver dance residency was like hiking a tall mountain. There were easy parts and hard parts.
But look, here we are. We did it! And, the view from the mountaintop, today’s Festival of Sharing, makes it all worthwhile . . .
...[T]hanks to our guide along the way, Livia Vanaver. Livia you have been our compass, the one with the map. Not only did you know the way to the mountaintop, you showed us the way and worked with us each step. You taught us, encouraged us, and believed in us. You helped us do things we never though we could do. You have given us a treasure. One that no one can take from us. One that we will never forget.
Thank you for taking us to this mountaintop and sharing the beautiful view with us.
— Karen McLeod, Vassar Road School


Each of these six classes (a total of 133 students) embraced a different culture of the world and “became” this other culture, learning new ways of moving, new languages and customs. It was a wonderful way of seeing the world and of learning about appreciation of self and others as well as about the beautiful traditions on this earth. The children not only enjoyed learning about the world through their bodies, but they also shared the joy of working towards a presentation which was like a gift to the whole community. They gained skills in movement , awareness of self and others, as well as in cooperation.
— S. S. Vengadesan, Principal, Akiyam School, Auroville, India

Parents & Family

My daughter was very depressed before today. I have never seen her light up the way she did in your program. Thank you.
— Mother, Udaipur India

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