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Welcome, teachers, administrators, students, parents and caregivers! This page holds useful downloads and information, evaluation forms, and media resources for you to utilize as you dance alongside The Vanaver Caravan in your school program. We hope you find this page helpful! 


 Caravan Curriculum Materials

Dance Videos

Vassar Road Elementary School special. 

Arts Ed Featuring Pete Seeger.

Excerpts from the 25th Annual CALICO BALL in Beacon, New York.

Our work in schools in Udaipur, India during the Shakti Caravan Pilot. 2012.

Subscribe to our YouTube station and watch some of our favorite traditional dance videos.  


Peruse our extensive Dance Encyclopedia and select the dances you'd like to learn.  

Dance Facts

Read short descriptions about some of our most popular world and American folk dances. 

Grading Materials

Download our helpful grading rubric for your students.  

Dance Assembly Study Guides

  • Check out our Pastures of Plenty Woody Guthrie Tribute Study Guide
  • Check out our Turn Turn Turn Pete Seeger Show Study Guide
  • Check out our Earthbeat world dance celebration study guide.

Choreography & Music Lyrics

  • The Indian Poem by the Poet Tagore. Words & Hand Movements (Mudras) 
  • "Odunday" from Nigeria. Song lyrics (phonetic spelling).

More files coming soon!               

Find Your Music

Find & download or stream your class' music to practice in the classroom!   

Post-Residency Feedback & Evaluation Forms

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. 


Parents' evaluation form. Your feedback helps us tremendously!

Teacher / Administrator's evaluation form. Take our quick survey online.