Fall Fund Drive FAQ: How your donation makes an impact

Photo by Meredith Heuer

Photo by Meredith Heuer

This November, we are proudly asking you, dear members of our Vanaver Caravan community, to give back by making a tax deductible contribution. Become one of The Vanaver Caravan's first ever monthly sustaining members by Giving Tuesday, November 28th. 

What is a sustaining member?
Sustaining members contribute to The Vanaver Caravan on a recurring basis throughout the year. It is now easier than ever to set up recurring donations online on our website. All donations are tax deductible, and payments can be altered, paused, or stopped at any time. 

How much should you give?
No amount is too small (or too large). Even something as small as $3, $5, or $10 a month makes an impact on the work we are able to do. 

What does a membership or donation contribute to?
The Vanaver Caravan is a small nonprofit, but we cast a very wide net. We put together this list to give you an idea...

1. Performances & Touring
Our Touring Company rotates around a family of 30 world-renowned dancers and musicians who hail from all over the world. Your contribution helps pay for their travel expenses & rehearsals, so that we can bring YOU our state-of-art, high spirited performances.

2. Arts-in-Education
Our work in schools is the flagship of our Company. From Pre K-12 through college, we design interdisciplinary dance programs that enhance school curricula. We provide students with unmatched, unforgettable learning experiences. Your contribution goes towards developing curricula, building resources, and training new teaching artists.

3. Scholarship Funds
We give a handful of scholarships to young, talented, dancers who do not have the financial means to attend our programming. Help us build a more financially diverse student body within our Dance Institute. 

4. Administration & Management
Working tirelessly behind the scenes, we have a stellar team of 6 employees who make sure that The Vanaver Caravan continues to grow, thrive, and sustain itself. 

5. Peace Advocacy & Humanitarian Work
To be honest, this is not its own separate category. Peace and humanity is ingrained into our very mission. That being said, The Vanaver Caravan, and all associated members, are recognized Goodwill Ambassadors for the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation. In the past 5 years, we have attended annual summits at The United Nations Youth Delegates Assembly, worked with Syrian refugees in Greece with Translucent Borders. 

6. Shakti Caravan, India
In 2012, we started an umbrella organization in Udaipur India (Shakti Caravan), which brings our programming to rural, urban, orphaned, and at-risk children & youths in India, and offers free self-defense courses for Indian girls and women. All of this work has been done on a voluntary basis and can only be sustained by donations from you. 

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