Turn Turn Turn

Celebrating Pete Seeger in Dance & Music 

If you sing for children, you can’t say there’s no hope”
— Pete Seeger

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Turn Turn Turn is comprised of more than 20 of Pete’s beloved songs, from children’s tunes to activist anthems, including We Shall Overcome, Big Muddy, Wimoweh, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, and of course, Turn Turn Turn. Everyone is encouraged to sing along with their favorite songs!

The show includes a variety of dance styles, from clogging to swing and Zulu gumboot dancing, and uses historical photos and recordings to take viewers on a journey through American history. Audiences leave the theater humming Pete’s timeless songs, moved by his enduring message, and inspired to make our world a better place.

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Lois Greenfield Photo shoot 2017

Darial Sneed / Downtown Dance Festival 2013

A Note From The Company

In this moment in history, Pete Seeger has been a guiding force of hope to us dancers and musicians. Pete stood for people of every race, color, age, gender. He worked tirelessly to fight climate change and raise awareness about the environment. He believed that the only way to create change was through love, and art, and understanding. Song by song, he whittled away hatred and intolerance, and showed people the powerful, lasting, and positive effect that music, dance, and celebration can have on a society. We stand with Pete today, and we will honor his vision towards peace with every step we take, and song we sing. Turn Turn Turn is not just a performance for us, it is part of a movement that this world needs now more than ever. We shall overcome. 

In solidarity, The Vanaver Caravan

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