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"We envision a world where people understand and respect one another; where differences unite rather than divide us."

--The Vanaver Caravan Mission

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Letter of Giving

Halfway around the world or in our own back yard, we've been working for nearly 50 years to inspire, through dance and music, the harmonious co-existence of our global citizenry. 

Our message of peace and unity is as important today as ever. And with your support, we'll continue our work in communities and schools across the globe -- teaching children (and adults) to understand and respect one another and to embrace and celebrate our diversity and our common humanity.

“Being generous of spirit is a wonderful way to live.”
— Pete Seeger

Pete was a beloved member of the The Vanaver Caravan family and a strong advocate for our work. We hope you will consider joining our family too -- by becoming a Sustaining Member of The Vanaver Caravan. 

Whether it's $10, $15 or $20 a month, your recurring (tax deductible) contribution makes possible the majority of our programming.  Together, let's continue to inspire hope, compassion and peace throughout this world -- one (dance) step at a time.  

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Big Thanks To Our 2017 Donors

Donna Cohen

Lydia Davis

Phyllis Hart

Christine Nalini Kuhnke

Susan Pavane in memory of Joyce Mollov

Mary Redmond

Jason and Amara Stern

Mark Sommers

Sasha Spielvogel in honor of Noor Inayat Khan

Dr. Aaron Warshawsky

Patrice Cohen

Katie Emerson-Hoss

Madeline Deleon in honor of Marcia Horn

Eric Booth

Jan Campbell

Deborah Tacon

Emily Vanston

Therese Sibon

Ted McKnight

Maria Guralnik

Dr. Amy Pender

Dr. Marc Grossman

Andy Teirstein

Nadine & Lew Kesten in honor of Cejwin Campers

Jimmy Picker

Bruce Block

Sandra Smiley

Susan Griss and Lawrence Bush 

Gary Kaurfman

Tim Wilson

Priscilla Fairbank

Anna Canoni in honor of Nora Guthrie and in memory of Marjorie Mazia Guthrie

Photos by Meredith Heuer.