Alumni Spotlight: Sariyah Idan

Alumni Spotlight: Sariyah Idan

... I think what made a more lasting impact on me is that Livia and Bill live [their] mission as people--it’s not just a job practice, it’s their way of life and thus by extension I believe it becomes a way of life for anyone who spends significant time in their community. — Sariyah Idan

Spring Time Celebration!

Beltane 2018: Saturday April 28th (Rain Date Sunday) / Festival gates open at 12pm - 7pm / At the Stone Mountain Farm.

Join The Vanaver Caravan Dance Institute this weekend at The 28th annual Beltane Festival! Enjoy a myriad of Spring Time Celebrations at the enchanting Stone Mountain Farm. See our dancers awaken the Green Man, vanquish the winter king, and rise from the ashes! 

Wishing you a Happy Spring!