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L-R: Alena Brocker, Neve Parker, Toby Stover, Joel Hanna, Samantha Lawton, Brian Lawton, Jesse Kotansky,  Barbara Martinez, Gustavo Caldas, Fode Sissoko

L-R: Alena Brocker, Neve Parker, Toby Stover, Joel Hanna, Samantha Lawton, Brian Lawton, Jesse Kotansky,  Barbara Martinez, Gustavo Caldas, Fode Sissoko

After a long weekend and school shows today of Festivals of Light. We are at a delicious Turkish restaurant down the street from the beach!! A much deserved change from torrential rain and freezing theatres. Ahh... sun.
— Livia

The company members boarded their flight to Miami, Florida with great anticipation a few days ago. They welcomed Joel Hanna, who came all the way from Canada, and celebrated Alena and Neve joining as company members! Nights were filled with dancing and music. Festivals of Light did exactly what it was made to do... It brought light into the darkest time of the year.

The Caravan is back in New York and gearing up for our next big event-- Into the Light in Ellenville! We have the adult company joining us for this show, as well as our dancers in our Ellenville program at the Ellenville Public Library. This performance will be the first for many young dancers (this is the first time some of our Ellenville students have ever danced!) and we are thrilled with all their hard work and focus. They surely will shine brightly. 

Please join us Saturday, December 17 (Snow-date Sunday Dec 18) at the Ellenville High School (28 Maple Ave., Ellenville NY) for Into the Light! The show begins at 3:00 pm. 

*Suggested donation at the door*


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More Than Just a Tribute

More Than Just a Tribute

In this moment in history, Pete Seeger has been an inspiration to us dancers and musicians. Pete stood for people of every race, color, age, gender. He fought for equal rights. He worked tirelessly to fight climate change and raise awareness about the environment. He believed that the only way to create change was through love, art, and understanding.