After School Programs

We offer a variety of after school and evening dance classes and workshops for children, teens, and adults in the Mid-Hudson Valley. We teach Creative Movement, Modern, Percussive Dance and World Dance. Students who dances with us have the opportunity to perform as a member of the Caravan Kids or the Youth Company. Whether you have been dancing for years, or are just flexing your heels for the first time, you will find a place in our inclusive, often magical, dance community.

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Class Descriptions



Our Caravan Kids Project classes combine TVC's three signature styles: fusing World Dance, Percussive Dance, and Modern Dance to train children ages 7-12 as official Caravan Kids.

CK Project Class Structure: 

  • Through a unique combination of modern warm-ups, games, and exercises, students gain an understanding of modern dance technique. Throughout the course, students learn traditional folk dances from around the world, becoming fully immersed in the cultural customs, stories, music, and movements from countries such as India, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, France, Ireland, England, Sweden, Holland, Russia, Senegal, Guinea, Ghana, Angola, Kenya, and South Africa. And at the end of each class, we get the chance to lace-up our tap shoes for Percussive Dance—learning a mix of Appalachian clogging, tap dance, step dance, and rhythmic body percussion.

  • In addition to learning all these traditions and techniques, all of our Caravan Kids are encouraged to express themselves in a non-competitive and lively atmosphere, working individually, with partners, and as a group to skip, jump, twirl, tap, shuffle, slap, stomp, clog, clap, and sing around the world.

  • Students who take these classes have opportunities to perform with us in our annual "Into The Light" Holiday Show collaboration with Arm-of-the-Sea Theater, and Springtime performances in the Beltane Festival Pageant at The Stone Mountain Farm.

Creative Movement

Creative Movement is wonderful introduction to the world of dance. A combination of simple choreography, circle songs, rhythm, shape, and imaginative story-telling gives children a full-range of movement. As a class, we explore what it feels like to move through the changing of the seasons, dance in different atmospheres, take on shapes, emotions, or move as animals. Children become an active part of the class structure—always given the opportunity to explore and express their creativity.


Modern Dance 

Our Modern dance program explores the principals of modern dance, teaching practices such as release technique, trust work, improvisation, partner, group, and individual original choreography.

Percussive DAnce

This class teaches rhythm and movement through an innovative exploration of dance styles such as Appalachian clogging, tap dance, step dance, stomp dance, flamenco, and body percussion. 

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