The Caravan is in India!

Did you know?

The Vanaver Caravan established a partnership umbrella in India called Shakti Caravan? Click that link to learn more, follow Miranda's personal blog to stay updated, and read this wonderful article about a celebration in Udaipur.

It was such a powerful way to start the year. Traveling into a small village about 2 hours away from Udaipur where Big Medicine created Molela Shakti Sunday. Over a thousand people attended. Bharat’s group, the Heartbeators performed along with lots of local folks and our Youth Dance Company danced 6 pieces interspersed throughout the evening. Margot Abrahams who teaches ballet during SummerDance, danced to Leonard Cohen’s Halleluyah to the music beautifully arranged by Bill and performed by Steve Kent on flute, Bill on guitar and the Youth Company singing harmony on the chorus. This was a place where we were definitely in the minority and were treated so warmly amidst the curiosity andendless selfie requests. It was an honor to be part of this festival.....the first time for this village.
— Words from Livia
Dancing with the Heartbeators in Udaipur.

Dancing with the Heartbeators in Udaipur.

Spring Dance begins Monday, January 9, 2017 -
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     ** NOTE FOR MaMA IN STONE RIDGE CLASSES: Route 213 over Rondout Creek bridge construction. The bridge carrying Route 213 over the Rondout Creek will be closed to traffic throughout our whole semester. A signed detour will direct Route 213 onto Cottekill Road. Please plan accordingly!