Past Event: Mystic Fountain

The New York Baroque Dance Company is producing The Mystic Fountain, a 4 day workshop exploring expressive gesture emobodied in dance from the 18th century to the 20th century. Taking place in NYC at Gibney Dance 280 Broadway at Chambers Street, from June 20-23, 2019. 

The exact times are
Thursday June 20 from 10-6
Friday June 21 from 10-6
Saturday June 22 from 10-6
Sunday June 23 from 10-6

Livia Vanaver will teach St. Denis's "White Jade." This solo from 1926 shows a statue of Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of mercy, coming to life. The Oriental figure's gentleness, serenity and compassion bring to mind a Western Madonna. The use of the arms and the stillness of the body with an economy of movement beautifully portrays the mystic and spiritual side of Denishawn. Vanaver will discuss what was revolutionary about the style of St. Denis.