Welcome Home, Vanavers!

Livia and Bill are touching down in New York today, after five weeks of teaching and development work for Shakti Caravan. 

Here is an excerpt from Livia from our Shakti Caravan Blog: 

Gathering of Shakti Caravan in Udaipur

Last night Nirmal at Mewar Foodies prepared a sumptuous meal for over 25 members of Shaki Caravan.  This was our way of thanking those that could join us for our final evening of this journey.

That gathering included  our partners: David and Rita/ founders and directors of Big Medicine Charitable Trust and Shakti Academy, Vijay Lakshmi and her family, Sayari, Sheru and their family and ALL  their amazing  musicians who just finished performing at . . . 

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And welcome home, Livia and Bill!