FallDance FAQ

FallDance FAQ & Updates

Welcome Letter

Dear Dancers and Families,                                                                                         

Thank you for registering for FallDance 2019, which offers an opportunity for young dancers to experience many cultures, styles of movement, rhythms, and tales under one umbrella. Many of our dancers are invited to perform with The Vanaver Caravan at Into the Light, December 14 and 15 and Sinterklaas, December 7. 

Please read the following and keep for reference.

Location & Parking: 

  • Monday & Thursday classes are held in New Paltz at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School, in the community room.  Parking at Mountain Laurel is often difficult. Observe alternate side of the street regulations so as not to get a ticket.

  • Wednesday classes are held in Stone Ridge at Marbletown Multi-Arts (MaMA), in the downstairs studio. 

Conduct & Expectations: 

When taking classes with The Vanaver Caravan, you represent the Company. Please treat the spaces we use with respect.  

  • Children waiting to enter class must be supervised

  • Children should have snack and use the bathroom before dance class starts. 

  • Send students with a filled water bottle as there are no water fountains available. 

  • In both spaces, help to keep shoes lined up neatly in the dance studio. 

  • Quiet voices while waiting is a must, no running around during classes as these are both shared spaces.

  • Parents must wait until class begins to leave and pick up promptly afterwards. 

  • At Mountain Laurel, the school playground and classrooms are off-limits and students must remain in the Community Room until they are picked up.

  • At MaMA, the upstairs studio and front rooms are off limits. If waiting, parents are asked to stay in the back room adjacent to the downstairs studio. We share the space with a Yoga Studio and noise disrupts quiet meditation and yoga workshops.

Attire: Barefoot for Modern and Creative Movement. Leotards, leggings, shorts, skirts and sweats are fine. Long hair should be pulled back. Tap shoes are required only for Monday World+Percussive (5:15 pm), Thursday World+Modern (4:45), and Thursday World+Modern (5:45). Shoes may be purchased at Balletomania in Poughkeepsie - mention The Vanaver Caravan for a discount on purchases. A designated bag for dance helps dancers come regularly prepared. Visit vanavercaravan.org/shop/ to view The Vanaver Caravan dance bags and other items!

Holiday Closings, Snow Days, Cancellations & Emergency Closings:  Follow the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School’s schedule for New Paltz classes and Rondout Central School District’s schedule for MaMA’s classes. Check our website’s homepage and class resources page for updates and snow closings. 

Classes begin: Sept 9 / Classes end: Dec 12

No Classes: 9/30, 10/9, 10/14, 10/31, 11/11, 11/27, 11/28

Holiday Performances: Dec 7, Dec 14 & 15

Tuition: Make checks payable to The Vanaver Caravan. Please pay your tuition in full at this time unless you have made prior arrangements for a payment plan. Do not hand your teachers tuition money - send or bring to the office.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If I register for a trial class and want to sign up for the full semester afterwards, is there a way to deduct the $20 I’ve already paid? Yes! You may enter the discount code “TRIAL20” and $20 will be deducted from your total. Easy!

  • I’ve already filled out the registration form online for previous semesters or a trial class, do I have to fill out all the information again every time I register for a new semester? You need not fill out every question but you must fill out the student’s first and last name, parent/guardian name, phone number, and email address again. It is very helpful for our office to have this info on record each time. Thank you for understanding!

  • Can I do a payment plan for classes? Yes. Please contact the office to set this up as this option is not yet available with online registration.

  • When is the cutoff for class registration? Online registration closes 5 weeks after the start of the semester. After this point, you may call the office to set up a trial class or see if there are any openings in classes. We do NOT advise students start classes late in the semester as they will miss out! Classes began on Sept 9th, registration will come down on Oct 15.

  • Which classes are invited to perform at upcoming shows? We are updating our performance schedule at this time. We will keep you informed as to which classes are invited to which show.

  • Do students need tap shoes? Students in the Monday Percussive class, Thursday 4:45, and Thursday 5:45, will need to have a pair of tap shoes. We have tap shoes of various sizes available to borrow with a $25 shoe deposit. Please contact the office or speak with your teacher for more information on how/where to get tap shoes.

  • How do I find out if class is cancelled due to a snow day? New Paltz classes follow Mountain Laurel School’s closings, and Stone Ridge classes follow the Rondout Central School District’s closings. (Note*: We count our classes as after-school activities.) If class is cancelled, we will post an update on Class Resources and on our Home Page before class that day.

  • Can I come watch a class or bring a guest to watch a class? This is at the discretion of each teacher. However, as a rule of thumb, we ask that if you wish to observe a class, you consult the teacher the week before. Creative Movement classes have observation days every 4-6 weeks, where parents/caregivers are invited to come see what we’ve been up to in class. The teacher will make an announcement the week before!

  • What are your office hours and who should I contact with queries about classes? All of our faculty and office staff work in The Vanaver Caravan office 10am-3pm Mon-Thurs. Jennifer is our general manager, Bebhinn handles arts-education questions, and Livia, Miranda, Michelledana, and Juliet are the primary faculty for Institute Classes. All of us can be reached via email at vcoffice@vanavercaravan.org. You can also give us a call - 845-256-9300. Our response time is usually between 1-3 days.

  • Still have a question, comment, or concern? Write it in the comments below, browse the rest of our class resources page, or contact the office!

We hope you found this helpful. See you in class!